Assessments for Recruitment

The problem

Decisions made by means of the highly unstructured traditional interviewing are often profoundly subjective. Most of the time such decisions miss the target because they are, at best, generally based on a process of trial and error or guessing. The unfortunate final outcome is that most interviews result in a catastrophic outcome for both employer and employee. In this day and age there is a dire need for streamlined, responsible interviewing when crucial decisions have to be made in the workplace. The process of interviewing must undoubtedly be fair to the person (applicant) and fair to the situation (workplace).

The Kusile Solution

CompIndex as a measure of attainment and preference in terms of generic job-related skills and preferences that have been acquired through formal and informal learning by the applicant. It is an unbiased, outcomes based skills audit tool that is fair to the person (applicant) and fair to the situation (workplace).


How we help our clients

In Recruitment, CompIndex is mainly used to audit internal and external skills of job applicants as well as assisting in finding suitable candidates. In relation to the client's job profile this tool measures against the specific job outcomes. The tool can further more assist the client in succession planning, performance management and skills/training development. In conjunction with the client we can use CompIndex to do Job Grading and Performance Appraisal Scoring. CompIndex allows us to audit the current jobholder's skills, assist with skills gap analysis and target training and development areas. The tool measures set requirements that are fair to the situation and measures competencies that are fair to the person.

Junior Intermediate and Senior Management Certificates SpEEx and Compindex