Assessor, Moderator and OD ETDP Programmes

The problem

In order to become a SSETA accredited training provider, the company has to prove that it has the qualified resources. Resources include registered assessors, moderators and Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practitioners.

The Kusile Solution

We developed interactive, unit standard based programmes for each of these skills programmes or qualifications.


How we help our clients

The courses can be, if so required, delivered at the clients' premises. The way the course is structured can be adapted to customer needs, either as one continuous course or spread over a number of sessions. Courses are outcomes based and interactive. This provides employees the opportunity to become competent in the tasks, being able to immediately do the work. The courses are registered and approved by the relevant SSETAs. Learners therefore obtain credits on the NQF for this training. Ample time is given for practical exercises to assure that learners become competent in theory, practise and application of the newly acquired knowledge. Qualified trainers and assessors with expert field knowledge will facilitate the learning events, assuring the best possible outcome for learners.

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