Consulting - HR and IR

The problem

There are so many labour laws which need to be complied with, but I do not know what I should do.
We know what we need to do but we do not have the necessary skills to do it.

The Kusile Solution

We provide you with the services of a broad range of expertise and skills to find practical solutions to address your needs.


How we help our clients

We familiarise ourselves with your business so that we are able to clearly identify and understand what your needs are. The solutions we find are tailor made to suit your needs. We develop and propose feasible strategies to meet your needs and which will provide you with a foundation to build on. We assist you in designing and / or implementing systems, procedures and policies to support and develop your human resource needs. We will fulfil the human resource function for you though an outsourcing arrangement which gives you access to expert knowledge, skills and experience. We will deal with and drive those aspects of human resources such as retrenchments which may place a strain on relationships in the workplace. We partner with you by establishing long term relationships in order to proactively manage your business and optimise the return on your investment.

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