Contract Labour Management

The problem

Contracted Employees pass the expiry date and are still employed in the business. I don't have time to review and renew contracts. Induction and probation processes are not carried out and deadlines pass without giving employees feedback.

The Kusile Solution

We draw up legally compliant contracts to your specifications. We monitor probation and fixed period contracts for you.


How we help our clients

We draw up your employee contracts and customise to your needs and requirements. We monitor the renewal dates of fixed period contracts and ensure that you carry out the necessary performance reviews. We will send you timeous reminders of assessment of employees during the probation period to ensure that regular reviews are being conducted and feedback sessions are held. We can maintain and keep your contracts up to date before they reach expiry period. We will remind you to conduct reviews and assist in renewing contracts or terminating. We facilitate performance reviews and assist with termination where contracts expire or probationers do not meet your expectations.

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