Employment Equity

The problem

I've done the Employment Equity reports and set goals to achieve but nothing has changed in the last 5 years.
Employment equity reporting has turned out to be nothing more than another piece of legislation making it difficult for bigger businesses to get on with making money
What are the benefits to me as an employer for complying with employment equity legislation?

The Kusile Solution

We offer an integrated approach which complies with the legislation and which includes practical solutions that add value to your business.


How we help our clients

We establish a database of your employees which can be used for employment equity, skills development and succession planning that allows you to take an integrated approach to achieving meaningful change. We establish and facilitate quarterly meetings with a consultative forum representing all interest groups. Together we monitor the progress being made and identify any changes in the course of action to be taken. We guide the forum to identify barriers to employment and unfair discriminatory practices. We develop an action plan which looks at reviewing and / or developing human resource policies and practices which support employment equity. We assist you in determining an integrated strategy to diversify your workforce and create a workplace which is free of unfair discrimination practices. We assist you in developing human resource systems including skills development, performance management and succession planning to achieve the goals set. We compile and submit all Employment Equity Reports on your behalf in the required format to the Department of Labour.

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