Job Grading

The problem

Workers or Trade Unions sometimes place a demand on Management for the implementation of a grading system to which minimum wage rates are to be linked. Alternatively clients might realise that through differential increases over the years salaries paid are inconsistent and no longer linked to job requirements.

The Kusile Solution

We grade the jobs using the Job Profiling Expert - CompIndex. The advantages of using CompIndex are that the tool is SA developed and employment equity fair, it allows for a 360 degree approach (involvement of all relevant stakeholders), it grades jobs on NQF levels but provides comparative grades in Sebenza, Peromnes, Paterson, Task Equate and Hay.


How we help our clients

We review the client's existing job profiles or job descriptions or develop new ones in order to determine the key performance areas and performance criteria for each job position. Using this information we then determine the core competencies underlying each job position using CompIndex whereafter the jobs can be graded on CompIndex. The Information upon which the grading is based includes: Language requirements, driver license requirements, formal schooling, education and training, nature of the job, complexity of the job, trade/professional registration requirements, who the job reports to, type of position, number of employees the position supervises, physical/mental activity ration, environmental conditions. In order to ensure fairness and acceptance by all relevant stakeholders, and have maximum input we ideally conduct this exercise involving a job holder, his/her supervisor and/or manager, a Shop Steward and where required a Trade Union Official and the Client's HR Manager. Having gone through this process will have additional benefits such as: A grading system which can assist with wage modelling and union negotiations A base document for the development of a performance management system A facility (using CompIndex) to assess incumbents against core competencies to determine skills gaps and training needs which process assists with succession planning and provides input for Employment Equity Reports and Workplace Skills Plans A facility (using CompIndex) to assist the client in recruitment (whether internal or external) by assessing applicants against the core competencies. The client can also purchase CompIndex.

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