Job Profiling

The problem

Employees fail to meet expectations. New recruits and promoted employees do not fit the job as expected. The relative positioning of jobs in the organisation is not clear. Assessment of new employees and people for promotion is unstructured.

The Kusile Solution

Accurate and current job profiles form the cornerstone of people management. We profile your current positions to ensure your employees understand their job requirements. We assist with grading jobs, the relevant performance criteria and competency identification.


How we help our clients

We have a structured process to help you draw up accurate job profiles. We train the internal committee on how to draw up job profiles and how they can be used for recruitment, grading, employment equity, succession, skills development and performance management. We will compile a competency matrix to show skills cover and help identify gaps, training needs and critical areas of vulnerability. Accurate job profiles, linked to organisational strategy, give clear indications as to the requirements of the employee in their specific roles. With an accurate job profile we can assess your training needs. We can develop training to suit the needs of your employees.

Employment Equity Job Grading