Protest Action, Stayaway 7 October

Dear Clients 

It has come to our attention that COSATU is calling on different forms of protest action for the 7th of October 2020. This protest action / stayaway is protected as COSATU has follow all necessary procedures in terms of Section 77 of the LRA. 

Therefore this means that some of your employees may not be able to report for duty or even partake in this national stayaway / protest action.  What does this mean to the Employer?

Any protest action that complies with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act protects employees from disciplinary action for \"unauthroised absence\", however, there is protection to the employer as well. The employer is not forced to pay the employee who is not at work due to the protest action / stayaway or where an employee partakes in the protest action.  Therefore the rule no work no pay will apply where employees are absent from work.  

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