Occupational Health and Safety

The problem

Due to the Acts (OHSA, MHSA and COIDA) the issues of Health and Safety in a working environment have been put on a spotlight and employer together with employees charged with duties to ensure the compliance of these acts. In the previous year the Chief Inspectorate of the Labour department issued a directive for a specific group of employees to implement the OHSAS 18000 in their organisations.

The Kusile Solution

We conduct audits, develop procedures and train people in organisations to ensure understanding and compliance with these requirements. We also implement systems for compliance with the OHSAS 18000.


How we help our clients

The first legal compliance audit is used to establish the extent which the organisation is in compliance with the Act and determine what needs to be done to address the non conformances at hand. Procedures are implemented based on the specific client operations and the requirements as stipulated by the Act and committees established to administer the Health and Safety requirements. The training is provided on the different levels in an organisation and candidates prepared to perform Health and Safety functions, to understand the hazards associated with specific duties and to work safe, this training can also be adopted to the specific functions of the organisation. The OHSAS 18000 is the Health and Safety management system used to manage Health and Safety risk at a workplace; this is a systematic approach to reducing incidents and recording the organisations Health and Safety progress. After implementation of this standard the Standard certification body is invited to come, audit the effectiveness of the system, and provide certification. We provide the client with the template and help them to customise it to their operations; we then perform audits in preparation of the external audit from the certification body.

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