Payroll Outsourcing

The problem

Payroll can be a time-consuming task for many businesses, particularly if it’s not something they are trained in, or is not the company’s core offering. There are various additions that must be taken into each payslip being written including benefit accruals, new hires and terminations, and PAYE and UIF deductions.

The Kusile Solution

By outsourcing your payroll it will eliminate some of the administrative difficulties that you, as business owners face every month, while increasing the efficiency of the company at the same time. We will calculate the taxes due for your payroll; manage the tax fillings and payments. We are also always required to be up to date with the latest changes in tax and labour legislation. You can rely on us to ensure your employees are paid on time and in the correct amount.


How we help our clients

Option 1
The client will send all payroll input, via e-mail. Kusile will process all documentation and e-mail the payroll prints back to the client for verification. Once both the client and Kusile are satisfied the EFT will be created as well as payslips printed and sent to the client for payment to be made to employees. On month end Kusile will send the client a complete file with all relevant payroll prints, in order for the Client to make all payments required to the different institutions.

Option 2
As the above process, but the client will also have the option made available to them for Kusile to make all payments on their behalf and the Client would then just make one payment to Kusile.

Our service offering is to allow you to have a stress and hassle free payroll from START to END.

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