Shop Steward Training

The problem

Shop stewards are aggressive, militant and do not want to understand reason.

The Kusile Solution

We developed a number of interactive, outcomes based programmes for development of shop stewards in a workplace.


How we help our clients

Courses cover labour legislation, industrial relations, human resources procedures, and negotiation skills. Courses can be customised to include policies and procedures of the company. By understanding their rights and procedures, shop stewards are equipped to do their work properly and not perceive threats in management actions. The courses can be, if so required, be delivered at the clients' premises. Duration and structure can be adapted to customer needs, either as one continues course or spread over a few sessions. Courses are outcomes based and interactive. This provides learners the opportunity to become competent in the tasks, being able to immediately do the work. Each concept or idea is backed up by practical exercises giving learners the opportunity to apply knowledge in practical circumstances.

Assessor Moderator and OD ETDP Programmes Junior Intermediate and Senior Management Certificates