The problem

In general, many organisations make decisions regarding recruitment (internal & external); training; career & succession planning; and employee performance without the aid of an objective, valid, reliable and fair scientific tool. All too often, such decisions result in undesirable outcomes.

The Kusile Solution

SPEEX and COMPINDEX (including Job Profiling Expert) are probably the most valid, reliable and comprehensive tools available in the world today to assist the HR Practitioner in making day-to-day decisions about the future of workers and prospective workers in workplaces across the nation and abroad.


How we help our clients

Compliance with labour legislation

The Employment Equity Act (in South Africa) prohibits assessment of employees unless the instrument used has been shown specifically, to be valid and reliable; can be applied fairly to all employees; and is not biased against any employee or group. Compliance with these requirements of this act and other labour legislation is further facilitated by the situation-specific job profiling, assessment, evaluation and appraisal systems of SPEEX & COMPINDEX.

Use training budgets more effectively

Training can be targeted on the situation-specific competencies or dimensions of a job, eliminating wastage on general training, and improving productivity. The job profiling system, determines the dimensions of a job, job grade, job description and V-NQF level within an hour. The reduction in the number of questions per dimensions and the Assessment of only specifically relevant dimensions, reduces wasted time.

Make decisions with confidence

Decisions can be made with confidence when using these systems, as the process leading to the decision helps to eliminate unfairness by requiring input from all stakeholders, and creating transparency.

Succession Planning

Succession planning need no longer be a hit-or-miss affair. By measuring subordinates against norms of superiors, it is possible to identify candidates for further training and advancement. SPEEX & COMPINDEX are fast, effective, transparent, and situation-specific tools that will assist the client with job profiling, assessment, evaluations and performance appraisals.

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