SSETA Accreditation

The problem

Training centres, organisations need to obtain accreditation with SSETA's so as to be able to provide accredited training. One of the SAQA criteria states that the organisation seeking accreditation must have a quality management system.

The Kusile Solution

We design, implement and assist the organisation in obtaining SSETA accreditation and design, implement and assist the organisation in obtaining ISO 9001:2000 certification.


How we help our clients

We have a template QMS with all the required template documents. We work hand in hand with the organisation taking the generic templates and making them specific for the client. We assist in completing the required SSETA documentation We conduct awareness workshops to familiarise all staff as to what a QMS is. We compile a project plan and assist the organisation in managing the project. We conduct internal audits. We attend the certification audit. We can assist in maintaining the QMS by conducting internal audits on behalf of the organisation.

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