Training Programmes

Labour Relations Programmes

Programme title Duration
Case Presentation Skills 1 day
Consultative Performance Evaluation 1 day
Dealing with Trade Unions ½ day
Development of SA Labour Law ½ day
Dispute Resolution and the CCMA 1 day
Employment Equity & Skills Development - an Overview ½ day
Employment Equity Compliant Recruitment and Selection 3 days
Grievance Handling 2 days
Harassment in the Workplace 2 days
Handling Disciplinary Enquiries 3 days
Handling Employee Incapacity 1 day
Implementing Employment Equity 1 day
The Individual Employment Relationship (FLRP) 5 days
Initiating and Chairing Disciplinary Enquiries 2 days
Industrial Relations Orientation (FLRP) 2 days
Labour Relations Intermediate Programme (LABI) 17 days
Labour Relations Supervisory Programme (LABS) 10 days
Management Programme in Labour Relations (MPLR) 10 days
Managing Absenteeism ½ day
Managing Industrial Action Workshop 1 day
Managing Workplace Diversity 3 days
Negotiating Skills Programme - Workplace 3 days
The New Era Shop Steward 2 days
Primary Labour legislation 2.5 days
The Process of Correction 2 days
The Rights of Workers and Management ½ day
Time and Attendance ½ day
Workplace Diversity Awareness 1 day

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Programme title Duration
Dealing with Half Baked Solutions 1 day
Empowerment - Dealing with Policy Constraints 1 day
Giving Clear Instructions 1 day
How to Make a Good Decision 1 day
Problem Solving and Decision Making 3 days
Resolving Day to Day Conflict 3 days

Training & ODETDP

Programme title Duration
Design and conduct outcomes based assessments 5 days
Facilitation Skills 2 days
Learning Techniques 3 days
Moderate outcomes based assessments 2 days
On-the-job coaching skills 1 day
Skills Development Facilitation 3 days
Training Techniques - Skills Transfer 4 days
Training Techniques - Skills & Knowledge Transfer 5 days
Management, Supervisory, Leadership
and Service

Programme title Duration
Adding Value & Teamwork 1 day
Assertiveness - A Reality 2 days
Asset & Stock Management 2 days
Building Self Esteem 1 day
Business Ethics 1 day
Business in Context 2.5 days
Business Plans & Finance 2 days
Business Principles 3 days
Coaching Skills 2 days
Conducting Meetings 3 days
Counselling Skills ½ day
Customer Care 1 day
Change Management ½ day
Communication Centres 1 day
Creating HIV/AIDS Awareness 2 days
Effective Communication Skills 2 days
Effective Report Writing 1 day
Forum Meeting 1 day
Good Working Practices 1 day
Health & Safety Induction ½ day
Health & Safety Representative Training 2 days
HIV/AIDS Awareness - Legal requirements ½ day
Human Rights 1 day
Induction Training 2 days
Integrated People Management Process 2.5 days
Identifying Training Needs ½ day
Job Evaluation 1 day
Job Profiling 1 day
Keeping Records 1 day
Leadership for the 21st Century Manager 7 days
Management Principles 3 days
Mentoring 2 days
Operational Risk Management 1 day
Performance Management 3 days
Performing basic Calculations 1 day
Practical Time Management 1 day
Service Excellence 1 day
Social Styles Workshop ½ day
Strategic Planning 1 day
Team Esteem 3 days
Team Motivation 2 days
Team Rewards 1 day
Turning Strategy into Action ½ day
Trustees On pension Fund 1 day
Workshop for the 21st Century Workplace Leader 1 day

Unit Standard Aligned Certificate Programmes

Programme title Duration
National Certificate: Management NQF Level 4 12 - 18 months
Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Skills Auditing